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Voices of My Peers, Clipper Memories
by: Eugene Dunning

In this book, Eugene Dunning asked hundreds of employees of the Pan Am family (flight crews, office workers, executives, maintenance, traffic and sales personnel, and many others) to give him that one story that will live in their memory forever. "Voices of My Peers, Clipper Memories" are those stories.

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Woman Just Learns Her Son Died on Pan Am 103.  Search for child she gave up for adoption has heartbreaking end.
Heartbreak for an Oregon woman who gave up her son for adoption 45 years ago: She decided to track him down after her husband's death last year, only to learn that he was among hundreds of people killed when Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988, a BBC documentary finds. "270 people died in that tragedy and one of those happened to be the only child I ever had. And I didn’t even know it until last April," Carol King-Eckersley says. "So it became a kind of double tragedy. I found him and I lost him on the same day."
Her son, Kenneth Bissett, had been on the way home from Syracuse University's overseas program in London. His adoptive parents both died years after the terrorist attack. "I'm just starting to get to know him," says the grieving birth mother, who gave up her son at 19 to protect the reputation of her father, a high school principal. "In a way I'm going backwards because the getting to know him makes it sharper, makes the regret deeper." But she found some solace in attending a remembrance event at Syracuse, which lost 35 students in the attack, and in meeting friends and classmates who could share memories of her son. "From everything I have heard and read, he was an absolutely brilliant young man with a marvelous sense of humor," she says.

National Airline History Museum
is expanding their museum to highlight Pan Am.
They are seeking those interested in creating Pan Am exhibits and / or to help raise funds to obtain a vintage aircraft painted in PAA colors and outfitted to represent the best of Pan Am. Help get Pan Am airborne again!
AHM is also accepting donations of Pan Am memorabilia.
Please contact John Roper at  772.971.0635 john@roperaero.com


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"With Pan American World Airways — Images of a Great Airline, author Jamie Baldwin has given us a treasure trove of Pan Am lore.  Here is something for everyone — a concise history of the pioneering airline, a rich potpourri of Pan Am memorabilia, and, best of all, a nostalgic journey back to an age when the mighty Pan American ruled the skies.” 

 Robert Gandt, Pan Am pilot 1965-1991, author of Skygods: The Fall of Pan Am and China Clipper


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The Museum of Flight’s extensive flight attendant uniform collection makes its first public appearance in Style in the Aisle, a new exhibit opening February 9. Style in the Aisle draws upon the Museum’s collection of airline flight attendant uniforms, airline artifacts, photos and resources donated exclusively for the exhibit.

This website is for all who know and love Pan Am. These pages hold many memories and show passion for this regal airline. The site features pictures and stories that will take you back to long forgotten memories. It will make you smile, maybe laugh, but also feel a void in your heart and deep felt sadness for a legend that has ended. This website is dedicated to all who visit, enjoy and remember. Pan Am will always be "Queen of the Skies"