Search  |  Aircraft  |  History  |  Accidents  |  Multimedia  |  Memorabilia  |  Links  |  Message Board  |  Contributions  |  About  |  Contact started long ago. Being brought up in a ‘Pan Am’ home, my father was in PAA Management and my mother a Purser/Instructor. As a child I had the wonderful ability to travel around the world. Always on Pan Am. 

I listened to the stories both parents had to share and saw the love that they had for ‘The Most Experienced Airline". 

I watched Pan Am make questionable choices that finally led to its demise. Our family suffered along with the airline. When cut backs were made and employees surrendered salary to keep the airline in business, we too cut back.

Our family lost a friend on Flight 103. We grieved for him and for all the passengers on that flight.

Pan Am will always have a place in my heart. What a better way to help keep it alive but by a home in cyberspace?
This site was created to be comprehensive of Pan Am life from 1927-1991. Unfortunately, there are limited resources available for new material. I do ask visitors, if you have anything that you would like to add, Pan Am pictures, multimedia, stories, etc…, please contact me. I would love to include them on this site.

I hope this continues to be a place on the Internet where visitors can relive Pan Am’s glory days.

Sincerely Yours,
Beth Cozzi

This site is dedicated to
my mother Marilyn (Marks) Cozzi
and father Dick Cozzi,
both former Pan Am employees.