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Dedicated to preserving the history of Pan American World Airways

1932-1949            1950 -1969            1970-1988

Accidents: 1932-1949
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Panagra 07/16/1932 Ford 5-AT-C Tri Motor(NC403H)
Location:  Vitacura, Chile 
9 Aboard / 9 Fatal
The flight crashed into a mountain. The wreckage was found 20 months later.

Panagra 06/11/1934 Ford 5-AT-C Tri-Motor(NC8417)
Location: Junin, Argentina
10 Aboard / 6 Fatal
Crashed into Mar Chiquita Lagoon during a heavy rainstorm.

Clipper ??? 08/02/1937 Sikorsky S-43(NC15065)
Location: Panama Canal Zone
11 Fatal
Crashed during bad weather into Carribean off shore with mail. Aircraft had a history of fuel problems.

Samoan Clipper 01/11/1938 Sikorsky S-42(NC16734)
Location: Pango Pango, U.S. Samoa
6 Aboard / 6 Fatal
The aircraft exploded in mid-air as the crew attempted to dump
fuel for an emergency landing at Pango Pango.  Neither the plane or six crew members were ever found. Pan American’s first pilot, Captain Edwin C. Musick, who flew the famous China Clipper was killed.

Hawaiian Clipper 07/28/1938 Martin Clipper M-130 (NC14714)
Location: Pacific Ocean between Manila and Guam
15 Aboard / 15 Fatal
The flight crashed into the ocean while en route.  Cause unknown. 
The plane may have been hijacked by the Japanese.
Check out the Website: www.hawaiiclipper.com

Philippine Clipper 01/21/1943 Martin M-130(NC14715)
Location: Boonville, California 
Route: Hawaii – San Francisco
19 Aboard / 19 Fatal
Flew into a mountain while en route from Hawaii to San Francisco in bad weather.

Panagra 01/22/1943 Douglas DC-3(NC33645)
Location: Mt. Chaparra, Peru
Aboard 15 / Fatal 14

Yankee Clipper 02/22/1943 Boeing B-314(NC18603)
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
39 Aboard / 24 Fatal
Crashed while attempting to land. Contact of the left wingtip of the aircraft with the water while making a descending turn preparatory to landing. Novelist Ben Robertson killed. Actress Jane Froman injured.

Clipper Hong Kong 08/08/1944 Sikorsky S-42(NC823M)
Location: Antilla, Cuba
31 Aboard / 17 Fatal
Crashed on takeoff and sank into the ocean.

Clipper ??? 8/24/1944 Consolidated Commodore(NC668)
Location: Biscayne Bay
1 Fatal
Failure to remove a control lock allowed the controls to be pulled back, letting the plane take to the air but it could not be pushed forward to level off causing it to stall.

China Clipper 01/08/1945 Martin M-130(NC14716)
Location: Port of Spain, Trinidad
30 Aboard / 23 Fatal
Crashed while attempting to land.

Clipper Eclipse 06/19/1947 Lockheed 049 Constellation(NC88845)
Location: Al Mayadin, Syria
Aboard 36 / Fatal 14
While on a flight originating in New York and making its inaugural westbound flight of round-the-world service, the aircraft’s No. 1 engine failed half-way on a leg from Karachi to Istanbul. Due to closed airports and inadequate repair facilities, the pilot chose to continue to its destination. Several hours later, the remaining engines overheated and the No.2 engine caught fire causing the plane to crash. Gene Roddenberry (creator of Star Trek) was a deadheading Pan Am pilot aboard who helped rescue many of the passengers. The crash was blamed on Pan Am’s failure to replace the No. 2 engine which had experienced several problems earlier.

Clipper Talisman 10/26/1947 Douglas DC-4A(NC88920)
Location: Annette Island, Alaska
18 Aboard / 18 Fatal
The aircraft crashed into Tamgas Mountain after abandoning an approach to Annette Island because of extreme turbulence and radioing its intentions to proceed to Juneau. Possible severe turbulence or icing.

Clipper Empress of The Skies 04/15/1948 Lockheed Constellation(NC88858)
Location: Shannon, Ireland      Time: 02:35
31 Aboard / 30 Fatal
While executing a second instrument approach at Shannon Airport, the aircraft struck the ground 2,380 feet from the approach end of the intended runway. Continuation of an instrument approach to an altitude insufficient to clear the terrain.

Clipper Monarch 01/30/1949 Lockheed L-749(NC86530)
Location: Port Washington, New York
2 Fatal
Midair collision. Two killed on the Cessena, none on the Lockheed.

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