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-74 seats
-180 mph
-82,500 lb. max.
gross take-off weight
-3500 mile range
-4 Wright Double Cyclones Engines (1500 hp)
-106ft Length
-28ft Height
-152ft Span

Considered the "Greatest Flying Boat".

Pan Am signed a contract on July 21, 1936 for six B314s. It weighed 40 tons and cost $550,000 per aircraft.

The Yankee Clipper inaugurated the world’s first scheduled transatlantic  service. The infamous Pacific Clipper made a 31,500-mile flight around the world.

One way tickets cost $375, round trip $675

Pan Am flew these planes for only 6 years before they were overtaken by land planes.


Boeing 314


Click for larger view of the Clippers

California Clipper


Dixie Clipper



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