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-86 seats
-340 mph
-142,500 lb. max. gross take-off weight
-2750 mile range
-4 Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Engines (3500hp)
-110ft Length
-38ft Height
-141ft Span

The last of the Clippers to carry radio operators.

Trippe ordered a fleet of 20 B77s on November 28, 1945 and put the first one into service April 1, 1949 on the San Francisco-Honolulu route.

B377s were civilian versions of the B29 bomber and used extensively in World War II. It featured a lower deck lounge / cocktail bar, a luxury many travelers wish were still included in today’s aircraft.

After Pan Am’s merger with American Overseas Airlines there was a total of 28 B377’s.

This aircraft logged 7,500,000,000 passenger miles before retiring to make way for jets.



Boeing 377

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