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-370 seats
-589 mph
-710,000 lb. max. gross take-off weight
-5500 mile range
-4 Pratt & Whitney JT9D Engines. 
(43,500 lb thrust)
-231ft Length
-65ft Height
-196ft Span

Created due to the 15% increase of airline traffic per year.

In April 1966, Pan Am placed an order with Boeing for twenty-five 747s.

Each cost $21,000,000.
The complete order cost $525,000,000.

‘Young America Clipper’
On January 22, 1970 the first B747-100 departed JFK on route to London.

Boeing 747-100   Jumbo Jet

Boeing 747-100

Boeing 747-121

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First Class Food Service

Cut Out

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Clipper Juan Trippe


  Boeing 747-121

Boeing 747-121  Boeing 747-121

  Boeing 747-121 


Poor quality but notice the dramatic size difference between the B707 & the B747
Boeing 747-121

Boeing 747-121

Pan Am’s Chairman Jeeb Halaby testing the 747

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