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-233 seats
-594 mph
-660,000 lb. max. gross take-off weight
-7000 mile range
-4 Pratt & Whitney JT9D Engines. (50,000lb thrust)
-185ft Length
-63ft Height
-196ft Span

Due to Pan Am’s inability to fly domestic routes, they needed an aircraft with ultimate range.
This ‘special performance’ aircraft extended range. Pan Am had this special 747 created to allow non-stop flights from New York to Tokyo.

A shortened 747 with the suffix ‘SP’ for Special Performance.

Pan Am had 11 SP’s.

The 747SP’s went out of service April 22, 1985 with the sale of the ‘Pacific Division’ to United.


Boeing 747SP
Boeing 747SP

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   Boeing 747SP     Boeing 747SP Interior First Class

Boeing 747SP Interior  Boeing 747SP Interior  Boeing 747SP Cockpit
  Mrs. Anne Morrow Christening the "Clipper Lindbergh"

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