Gianfranca was on her first trip to the US. She moved from Italy to London to study English like many young Italians do. She would work during the day and go to school at night. She came to London by herself, but she quickly made friends as she was outgoing, sincere and pleasant to be with. The better her English would get the more opportunities opened up for her in the social as well as in the working environment. After working in catering like many students do, she applied for position with more responsibilities and she was soon running the business center of a major hotel.

She had many friends, many stories to tell, but she would always remain loyal to her closest friends in Italy who she would meet often in London or near Rome. She also had specific objectives that she was determined to accomplish. When I last saw her she had just attained a very important one. Visiting the US was another one…… I did not forget you Gianfranca…and you came to the US !