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Hawaiian Clipper

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Fix on the Rising Sun: the Clipper Hi-jacking of 1938—and the Ultimate M.I.A.’s
By: Charles N. Hill

The true account of the July 28, 1938 hi-jacking, west of Guam, of Pan American Airways’ trans-Pacific flying boat, 
Hawaii Clipper, and of the still-secret interment of her nine crew and six passengers, in the concrete foundation
slab of the Japanese Fourth Fleet naval hospital, at Dublon Island, Truk, in the Caroline Islands.

The book outlines the history of the Clipper penetration of the Pacific and recounts the several investigations, 
official, semi-official and private, regarding the loss of Hawaii Clipper to radical aviators of the Imperial Japanese 
Navy. It also notes the fate of the 15 aboard, who were murdered and encased within the poured concrete 
foundation slab of what would become the infamous warcrimes site: the Imperial Navy’s Fourth Fleet hospital, 
at Dublon Island, Truk. The clearly expressed goal of the book is to inform the public and to engender a recovery
operation (approved by three surviving relatives of crew and passengers).

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