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Dedicated to preserving the history of Pan American World Airways



TAKE A TRIP ABOARD A PAA 747 – Great Footage
Quicktime Movie – huge thanks to Willy Kaemena

PBS TELEVISION: Is creating a documentary entitled "They Made America" The film profiles innovators who have changed U.S. history, and one of the individuals featured is Juan Trippe.
PBS is interested in pictures or old film of Pan Am and its employees from the 1950s and 1960s & talking to women who
worked as stewardesses at Pan Am during he 1950s and 1960s to learn more about the culture of flying and specifically how individuals responded to the introduction of the 707. For those women who flew in the 50-60’s, Please contact PBS.

PanAmAir.org will be included in this educational, non-commercial web site being sponsored by NASA, the FAA, and the National Air & Space Museum

Will use the the material PanAmAir.org has on flight 1736 for a Crew Resource Management Course

Check out PanAmAir’s STORY BOARD.
Find old friends, share memories, read about Pan Am.

This website is for all who know and love Pan Am. These pages hold many memories and show passion for this regal airline. The site features pictures and stories that will take you back to long forgotten memories. It will make you smile, maybe laugh, but also feel a void in your heart and deep felt sadness for a legend that has ended. This website is dedicated to all who visit, enjoy and remember.
Pan Am will always be “Queen of the Skies"


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