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Dedicated to preserving the history of Pan American World Airways

Multimedia helps to relive Pan Am times. 
If you have any Pan Am oriented video or audio please submit it to be included on this site. 
Please Contact me.

NEW ADDITION – Incredible Footage
 Movie 1          Movie 2          Movie 3
Quicktime Movie – HUGE thanks to Willy Kaemena
please be patient while the movies loads

All Flights Cancelled
Recorded message stating the suspension of operations of Pan Am. 
Source: www.pan-american.de

Pan Am Song: male singer
Used for advertising. 
Source: www.pan-american.de
Pan Am Song: female singer
Used for advertising. Acoustic
Source: www.pan-american.de

"Hello" Pan Am Song
Not sure of origin. Assumed to be used for advertising.
Source: John O’Callaghan

Take a Flight on the Connie
Watch as you board a Connie for take-off, cruise & landing.
(9 min)
Courtesy of ‘Save A Connie’
Source: www.saveaconnie.org

  Watch the First News Report of the Crash of Flight 103
Watch and listen to the first news reports about the downed flight over Lockerbie, Scotland.

"Heather & Red Roses":     A’Cappella         Orchestrated
A song created for all killed aboard Flight 103, downed in Lockerbie.
Available for Purchase : a portion of the proceeds go to Victim’s Groups.
Source: www.heatherandredroses.com

"Only Americans"
Sampling of the song created for Karen Lee Hunt, a passenger on Flight 103. It is based on an article her Father wrote shortly after the tragedy.
Available for Purchase : proceeds are donated to the Ronald McDonald House.
Source: http://dynrec.com/karenleehunt/


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