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The First To Carry A 
‘Clipper’ Name

-38 seats
-115 mph
-34,000 lb. max. gross take-off weight
-900 mile range

The S-40 was slow and had limited range. It was used for shorter flights to Mexico the Bahamas and Havana. 

Only three were built, NC80V, NC81V, NC752V.

Carried a crew of 6. Only 3 were build, all for Pan Am.

Largest commercial aircraft of the 1920’s.

Sikorsky S-40
Sikorsky S-40

Sikorsky S-40 

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American Clipper being Christened
First Lady Mrs. Hoover, christened this flying boat with a bottle of water from the Caribbean Sea at the Naval Air Station Anacostia in Washington D.C. The "American Clipper" was the first Pan Am flying boat to be named a "Clipper" and its inaugural flight was on November 19, 1931.

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Sikorsky S-40

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