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-370 seats
-589 mph
-710,000 lb. max. gross take-off weight
-5500 mile range
-4 Pratt & Whitney JT9D Engines. 
(43,500 lb thrust)
-231ft Length
-65ft Height
-196ft Span

Created due to the 15% increase of airline traffic per year in an effort to bring cheap flights to the masses.

In April 1966, Pan Am placed an order with Boeing for twenty-five 747s.

Each cost $21,000,000.
The complete order cost $525,000,000.

‘Young America Clipper’
On January 22, 1970 the first B747-100 departed JFK on route to London.

Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets are still in use today and their large capacity allows for many cheap flights to be flown daily. On some flights, the wall at the front of the middle aisle is used as a projection screen for movies.


Boeing 747-100

Click on images below for larger view

747sky.jpg (22580 bytes) 747-sunset.jpg (35908 bytes) 747bluesky.jpg (28229 bytes)
PA747interior-rossmore.jpg (80716 bytes) 747intpc.jpg (56300 bytes) paa747cockpit-schreiber.jpg (69797 bytes)
747-watt.jpg (32103 bytes) 747-under.jpg (37639 bytes) 747-quackenbush.jpg (51093 bytes)
747100takeoff.jpg (42945 bytes) 747-schaefer.jpg (66491 bytes)
engines747100.jpg (39140 bytes) 747-schaefer1.jpg (32844 bytes)

Poor quality photo, but notice the dramatic size difference between the B707 & the B747
Boeing 747-121
The giant size difference made cheap flights a reality
Boeing 747-121     
Boeing 747-121    Boeing 747-121    Boeing 747-121   

Boeing 747-121      

Pan Am’s Chairman Jeeb Halaby testing the 747

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