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-22 seats
-108 mph
-17,600 lb. max. gross take-off weight
-1000 mile range
-2 Pratt & Whitney Hornet Engines (575hp)
-68ft Length
-16ft Height
-100ft Span

Served during the 1920’s & 30’s in the Caribbean area.
The Commodore was the first passenger aircraft to have upholstered seats.

Originally designed as a Naval Patrol Flying Boat.

By 1944 Commodores had been adapted for navigational training & Pan Am trained hundreds of Royal Force navigators.

Three were acquired by NYRBA – New York, Rio and Buenos Aires Airlines.

Pan Am had 14 Commodores and the final one went out of service September 19, 1946 after 16 years of service.

Consolidated Commodore

Consolidated Commodore


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