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ThePan Am Clipper Connection – Operating Airline Fly on a Pan Am plane. Help keep Pan Am Alive! Pan Am, The Documentary Project Producing a prime time television documentary chronicling and examining the history of Pan American World Airways.
Pan American Historical Foundation Preserving Pan Am history. Includes former employee database. University of Miami Archives Contains Pan Am records from 1927 thru 1991.
Flying Clippers  A wonderfully done site featuring Pan American Clippers. Including the Boeing 314, Martin 130 and Sikorsky S-42. This site also features a Post Flight Shop where you can purchase Pan Am memorabilia. Hawaii Clipper Site of Fix on the Rising Sun and of the ultimate MIA‘s of Pan Am’s trans-Pacific flying boat, Hawaii Clipper—victims of the still-undisclosed 1938 hijacking, by renegade officers of the Japanese Navy
Brochures & Film Strip (broken)> This site features original Pan Am brochures and a film strip made in 1948. (As well as other Pan Am related material). Pan Am I, II & III This site features all three Pan Am airlines. Pan Am I (1927-1991), Pan Am II (1996-1998) & Pan Am III (1998 – Present)
  Boeing History (broken)   McDonnell Douglas History (broken)
World Wings International A fund-raising organization of former Pan Am flight attendants from all over the world.     San Francisco Bay Chapter Other Chapters  National Sundowners Wonderful site about National Airlines created by a Former National Flight Attendant.
History of Braniff Airlines Dedicated to the men and women who proudly wore the golden wings of Braniff. 
Save A Connie / Airline History Museum Airline History Museum at Kansas City (formerly known as Save A Connie) – is a not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to restoring, preserving and exhibiting propeller-driven commercial aircraft. Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation  Own & operate a Boeing Classic STRAT, and a C-97G.  They are a nonprofit, private, tax-exempt all volunteer, membership corporation, dedicated in preserving Proptransport & Airliner History.
Airliners.Net An incredible site with thousands of pictures of all airlines and all aircraft! Florida Aviation Historical Society The organization encourages the study of Florida’s aviation and space heritage through fun and fellowship!
Pan Am Virtual Airlines Pan Am Virtual Airlines strives to uphold the Pan Am Legacy. Come fly your favorite Clippers on Microsoft Flight Simulator! SPANISH Pan American World Airways Site A site dedicated to the history of Pan Am in Spanish
3D Airplane Renderings  3D Models of Aircraft Flying Boat Museum Loacted in Foynes, Ireland
Pan Am Crew Layovers Lists 70 cities and over 160 hotels that the air crews used on layovers History of Drones<  *NEW* very informative, well-organized article on the history of drones in military and personal drones (thanks for the suggestion Eric!)

Pan Am Merchandise Links PanAmAir is a not for profit site. PanAmAir does not sell merchandise. I only refer visitors to where they can purchase Pan Am items.

Pan Am AWARE      Store located in Miami, all proceeds are used towards the Pan Am Museum. No website available. You must call or write for further information.

Pan Am AWARE Store P.O. Box 660920 Miami Springs, FL 33266-0920 (305) 871-1028 Store Hours: M-F 11am – 3pm EST

Post Flight Shop     Brought to you by The Flying Clippers. This site features Pan Am, books, videos, prints, models and much more!
eBay Auction Site HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! By far the best place to find unique Pan Am items on the net. Items are always changing and auction lets you bid a desired amount.
Pan Am T-Shirts (broken) Selection of Pan Am themed t-shirts Silent Thunder Models Museum Quality Display Models
The Airplane Shop A great place to find models of all of your favorite PAA airplanes. Flying-Clippers Airplane Models, Posters & More!
Aeroplane Books They have a large variety of books on all aviation topics. Robert Stephen Simon’s Aviation Art (broken) Aviation Art. (Broken) Sells Pan Am T-shirts & Bags to customers all over Europe. Banners To save banner right click on image and choose ‘save as’