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Listen To A Pan Am Shuttle Radio Advertisement

Pan Am Express started service June 1, 1986.

From the Pan Am Worldport at JFK, it provided service to Boston, Wash. DC, Maryland and Pennsylvania while the operations at Miami International Airport connected many popular Florida locales and vacation destinations as well as the Bahamas. In Europe, a small network in Germany was also maintained.

Pan Am Express operated using the turboprop aircraft and acted as a feeder to the Pan Am System’s gateways in
markets where jet
service wasn’t feasible.

The Pan Am Shuttle ‘Corporate Jet’
Flights operated out of the Marine
Air Terminal at LaGuardia ( This is the same terminal once used for Boeing 314 Clipper boats.) with B727 equipment exclusively.

Dash 7
Hotels in Tallahassee FL

Click on below images for larger view of the Dash7
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Jetstream 31

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